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The Best Free Estimating Takeoff Software for Construction

Are you looking for a construction takeoff program to start off and don’t want to spend any money? You’ve come to the right place.

Is Your Company Website Hurting your Business?

We’ve all seen the construction company websites that still look like they were made in the 90’s and early 2000’s. That might have been fine back in the day, but this day and age, the look of your website represents your brand, and having an outdated website will make your company look archaic and not technologically advanced.

How to Write an RFI (Request For Information)

The RFI (Request for Information) form is used in construction when the contractor needs additional information on a specific process or item in the project. One of the more common circumstances that requires this is missing information or contradictions on the drawings or specifications.

How To Write a Submittal Form for Construction

Submittal forms are used by project managers to obtain approval that specific materials, equipment, qualifications and construction methods are acceptable by the owner and project engineer. This can include anything from paint colors desired on the project to the components and strength of concrete.

How To Write a Purchase Order for Construction

Purchase Orders are used by contractors for any larger purchase on a project. This is typically a threshold that is set by a company, Ex: $5,000+, but can also vary by the item(s) being purchased. You may forgo a purchase order for a large hardware store purchase, but will likely want one for a specialty/custom item, especially if there are warranty requirements.

How To Write a Change Order for Construction

The most common cause of change orders are items/tasks that were not shown on the contract documents and are later required or items that have changed. Another cause for a change order is delays incurred by the contractor performing the work that were not the fault of the contractor. They can also go the other way however.

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