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How To Write a Submittal Form for Construction

Submittal forms are used by project managers to obtain approval that specific materials, equipment, qualifications and construction methods are acceptable by the owner and project engineer. This can include anything from paint colors desired on the project to the components and strength of concrete.


It is important to have complete and correct submittals for the project and the contractor sends these submittals to the engineer for final acceptance. Once the submittals are accepted, the contractor can proceed to install the approved items.

The following are the step by step instructions on how to fill out a Submittal Form and Submittal Log:

     1) Gather all the information required in the Specifications, paying thorough attention

     2) Fill out the Submittal Form on Excel, Word, or a similar program

     3) Save Submittal Form as a PDF File and combine it with all required attachments

     4) If you are a General Contractor, Send Submittal Form PDF to the following (as applicable):

  • Engineer & Engineers Assistant
  • Owner/Owner’s Representative(s)
  • CC The Following:
    • Superintendent (Your Company)
    • Project Manager (Your Company)
    • Subcontractor (if affected by Submittal)
    • Any other relevant parties

     5) If you are a Subcontractor, Send Submittal Form PDF to the following (as applicable):

  • General Contractor
  • CC The Following:
    • Superintendent (Your Company)
    • Project Manager (Your Company)
    • Any other relevant parties

6. Document the Submittal in your Submittal Log with the following information at a minimum:

  • Submittal Number (this number should include the specification section number)
  • Description
  • Date Sent

7. Upon receiving the Submittal Response do the following:

     A) Send to any affected parties, such as the following:

    • Superintendent/Field Lead
    • Project Manager
    • Subcontractor
    • Any other affected parties (vendors, etc…)

     B) Document the Submittal in your Submittal Log

     C) Save Submittal Response in your Submittal Folder

     D) Order materials that were submitted promptly (if applicable)

Download our Submittal Form and Submittal Log here.


  • Read the specifications very carefully and gather all required information to submit. Sending incomplete submittals is a common cause of delays, as the engineer will require a resubmittal.

  • If you send a submittal that is intentionally missing information, note that you will be submitting that information separately. This will increase chances of approval for that portion.

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