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Completing our trio of construction schedules designed for Excel, is the yearly planning schedule. This feature packed schedule is for any business with multiple projects, including General Contractors and Subcontractors.

Easily list all of your Projects and Project Phases, Assigned Supervision and Dates. The spreadsheet will do all of the other work for you, automatically highlighing the dates, with color codes based on the activity level.

Want to plan your manpower on the schedule? Enter the manpower required on a Weekly basis, and the schedule will total the manpower requirements, informing you of the high and low peaks.

We also bring you charts detailing the projected costs and labor for the year! Enter the average payrate and the form will calculate the weekly cost for you.

Annual Schedule Template


  • Automatically Highlights Dates
  • Track all of your jobs and manpower in one place!
  • Projected Labor Costs per Week for the Year!
  • Automated Charts detail manpower requirements and Labor Cost Projections for the Project
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