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Concrete Estimating Template


Simple to Learn yet Powerful Concrete Estimating Template

  • Automatic formulas total your costs for:
    • Material​
    • Labor
    • Equipment
    • Subcontractor
  • Includes separate summary page to add Tax, Burden, O&P, Bond
  • Notifies you when Formulas have been deleted by Error
  • Bonus Free Concrete Calculator


Concrete is one of the most complex divisions in construction to estimate.

There are many parts and pieces that need to be estimated for, and they are not clearly shown in drawings most of the time.

Thankfully, we have created a template that makes Concrete Takeoffs much easier. This is not a program or software that you have to spend days learning. It has been designed to be used right after downloading, with a very minimal learning curve.

The Concrete Estimate Template will automatically total all your costs after you plug in the unit prices.

It will also automatically fill out a summary page with all your Material, Labor, Equipment and Subcontract totals, allowing you to add Taxes, O&P and more!

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Concrete Estimating Template
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