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Construction bid templates play a large part on properly winning jobs! One error can make a costly difference, which is why we have built our template to eliminate most of the common errors that happen from incorrect or missing formulas.

The construction bid template breaks down each Division from 1 to 16 on separate pages, and totals all the numbers per each division. All of the division costs are then automatically totaled on the summary page, doing all the computation work for you! After performing the division takeoffs, simply edit the percentages for profit, burden, etc, and you will have a complete bid!

This bid template will make bidding simple and relaxed, leaving you to focus your attention on what really matters – a great takeoff with competitive prices.

Construction Bid Template


  • Detects Errors and Warns You, Preventing Costly Mistakes
  • Automatically Gathers Costs & Creates Bid Summary Page
  • Division 1 to 16 Breakdown Tabs
  • Manual Summary Page Option
  • Add in Tax, Burden, Overhead & Profit, and Bond
  • Instructions Included
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