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Construction Delay Tracker Template


Track all delays for your project with our handy Free Delay Tracker Template for Excel.

This template is vital for keeping up to date on your contract time and is a great supplement for delays tied to your change orders.

Construction Delay Tracker Template


Enjoy our Free Delay Tracker Template for Excel; simple and ready to use!

This template allows you to track all delays on the project level, so that you have an accurate and up to date contract Substantial Completion and Final Completion date.

Tracking delays is vital in this day and age, as more contracts are assessing liquidated damages for delays. This template ensures that you can stay in front of it and share delays with the owner and engineer as they come up to get approval.

Delay requests can be sent to the Owner/Engineer through out Change Order Form and Log Template which can be also found in the Finance Pro Package.


Template Features

Track Your Delays with the Following Information

  • Delay Description
    • Weather Delays
    • Contract Change Delays
    • Change Order Delays
    • RFI Delays
    • Addendum Drawing Delays
    • Etc…
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Delay Days Requested
  • Delay Days Approved
  • Notice to Proceed Date
  • Substantial Completion Date (Original and Current Approved Date)
  • Final Completion Date (Original and Current Approved Date)


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