Construction Logs

Construction Schedule Template


  • Fully optimized for 5, 6 & 7 Day Weeks!
  • Automatically Highlights Dates
  • Automatically Determines Durations
  • Accounts for Holidays in Durations
  • Multiple Color Themes
  • All templates are Fully Customizable


You’ll be wondering why you ever used Microsoft Project when you experience this fantastic Construction Schedule Template for Excel. The schedule is fully automated, just plug in the activity name and dates and it will instantly highlight the schedule for you! The schedule will also self populate the date range based on the Start Date that you enter and will remove any holidays or days off that you specify!

This schedule is not only user friendly and extremely easy to learn and complete, but it is also printer friendly. If you have ever tried to print from Microsoft Project, you know that it is a hassle to fit the page to look just right. This template brings you the simplicity of Excel printing, saving you valuable time.

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Construction Schedule Template
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