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You’ll be wondering why you ever used Microsoft Project when you experience this fantastic Construction Schedule Template for Excel. This Construction Schedule Template is fully automated, just plug in the activity name and dates and it will instantly highlight the construction schedule for you!

The construction schedule will also self populate the date range based on the Start Date that you enter and will remove any holidays or days off that you specify!

This construction schedule is not only user friendly and extremely easy to learn and complete, but it is also printer friendly. If you have ever tried to print from Microsoft Project, you know that it is a hassle to fit the page to look just right. This printable construction schedule template brings you the simplicity of the Excel printing setup, saving you valuable time.

This construction schedule is set up in the industry standard Gantt Chart layout, so anyone reading it will be able to follow it with ease.

Whether you are looking for a general contractor construction schedule template or you are a subcontractor, this schedule is universal, so it can be used by anyone. It applies to all other industries and can be utilized for personal use as well. It is also equally usable as a commercial schedule and as a residential schedule.

We also offer other construction schedule templates, including our annual schedule template and look ahead construction schedule template.

If you are looking to save, you can bundle all of our schedule templates with our Project Schedule Pro package.



  • This construction project schedule template has separate tabs for:
    • 5 Day Week Schedule
    • 6 Day Week Schedule
    • 7 Day Week Schedule
    • Holliday’s
  • Automatically Highlights Dates
  • Automatically Determines Durations
  • Accounts for your Personalized Holidays in Durations
  • Multiple Color Themes
    • Orange & Blue
    • Red & Blue
    • Dark & Green
    • Black & Grey
    • Dark & Blue
  • All templates and sheets are Fully Customizable
  • Some sheets may be protected to prevent formulas from being deleted by error. This can be easily removed by clicking to unprotect the worksheet, and the password can be left as blank.



1) Enter the company logo and type in the following information at the top of the desired schedule:
Project Name
Project Number
Project Start Date
* Entering the “Project Start Date” will self populate the schedule dates.

3) Go to the “Holidays” page and enter all holidays that will not be work days
*Entering Holidays will automatically remove those days from the duration count.

4) Enter the following on the schedule:
Start Date
End Date
*Do NOT enter the Duration, as it will self populate

5) Highlight the Start Date through the End Date on the Schedule
*You may choose to use different highlight colors to differentiate activities.

6) If you need to add more columns for dates, simply copy and paste previous columns

7) If you need to add more activities, copy and paste more rows.
*To add main activities, copy the “Activity Group” row

8) If you need to edit the locked cells, click the “Review” tab and “Unprotect Sheet.” There is no Password

If you need further assistance, please contact

*Please note there are separate pages for 5 Day, 6 Day and 7 Day Workweeks

Construction Schedule Template For Excel

Utilizing the convenience and ease of Excel, we have created a world class Construction Schedule Template. Our Construction Schedule Gantt Chart will automatically highlight dates that you input and allows for color customizations.

These features are typically only found in high priced software that has a steep learning curve. Our affordable and easy to use Gantt Chart Construction Schedule Template for Excel is the perfect solution to provide an easy yet robust schedule for your team.

Get this and more templates through the package below!

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