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Drawing Log Template – Free


Download our Free Drawing Log Template for Excel!

Organize all of your drawings in one log and stay up to date with the latest revisions and updates.

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The construction drawing log template is a vital tool to keep tack of all the latest revisions put forth by the engineer and architect.

As each revision comes in, this log makes it easy to keep track of when the revision was created, what changed and what the latest version of each sheet is.

It’s especially critical to use a drawing log when there are many workers using the drawings, and the drawings are in printed versions. Even one missed revision can have a large impact, as the revision could be a structural change that can effect the stability of the structure, or changes that would be hard to reverse once they are in place.

Keeping an updated log insures that you don’t run into these costly mistakes, and that everyone is using the latest drawings.

The drawing log template also helps the engineers and architects ensure that they have sent out all of the latest revisions to every required recipient.

You can upgrade to our unlocked version here or bundle and save with the Forms Package.

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