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Using the simplicity and speed of Excel, we bring you a professional Look Ahead Schedule Template. This template gives you the features of the construction project schedule and more!

Enter the manpower requirements per Activity for each day, and the template will compute the Total Daily Manpower requirements. The highest and lowest manhours/day will be highlighted for you. This gives you the power to allott your manpower evenly throughout the week, to eliminate the need to send your workforce home or require additional manpower.

The Manhours/Day are also provided to you in a beautiful Bar Chart where you can visually see the manpower changes.

Look Ahead Schedule Template


  • Automatically Highlights Dates
  • Calculates Manhours Per Day and Highlights the High and Low Values for you!
  • Includes Chart to help you manage Manpower changes day by day.
  • Automatically enters dates based on the start date.
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