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The (Request for Information) RFI Form is used in construction by contractors to send questions and ask for more information on items in a contract that are ambiguous, or missing information/details.

It is one of the most commonly used forms and can lead to critical changes in a contract. It’s important to properly fill the Construction RFI Form Excel template with all relevant information, allowing the engineer or owner to properly address it.

It is also critical to distribute responses to the RFI Form to everyone that it may impact, including all vendors and subcontractors, in addition to the on site superintendent, workers and managers.

Changes that result from an RFI are not always updated on the project drawings, which makes it vital to keep an up to date record of each RFI through your RFI Log.

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RFI Form Fields Include:

  • Contact Information
  • RFI Form Number
  • Date & Date the RFI Form Response is Needed By
  • Project Name
  • Project Number
  • RFI Form Description
  • RFI Form Attachments
  • Submitted By Information
  • Response to RFI Form
  • Contact Information for Response

RFI Form Template

Download our ready made construction RFI Form Template and begin sending RFI’s instantly! This RFI form is simple to use and includes all relevant sections to send a complete Request for Information to the owner and engineer.

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