Construction Logs

RFI Log Template


Our Request for Information Log

Automatically determines:

  • Status of RFI – Open/Closed
  • Number of RFI’s Answered
  • Average Days RFI’s are Open
  • Number of Open RFI’s

Allows filters to show only:

  • Open RFI’s
  • RFI’s with incurred costs



The ConstructionLogs RFI Log Template allows you to sort and filter information by the: General Contractor RFI Number, Subcontractor RFI Number, Date Issued, Date Required, Date Answered, Status (open/closed), Description, Response, and Added Cost.

This spreadsheet automatically determines if the Request for Information is Open (awaiting answer) or Closed (answered), and will highlight any RFI’s that are Open in red for easy tracking.

This smart form will also calculate the current Number of RFI’s Returned, Average Days to Answer and Number of Open RFI’s for you.

RFI Log Template
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