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In construction, the RFI Log is one of the most commonly used templates. As a result, we have allocated an immeasurable effort to make this template as user friendly and robust as possible, making it the most advanced RFI Log template for excel in the market.

The standard Request for Information Log requires you to add all information manually, which takes up a lot of time, and looking back and forth between the log and form.

In order to cut down on countless wasted hours and mistakes, we combined the Log and RFI Form in one simple to use template.

This template will not only automatically compute insights for you, it will allow you to create an RFI Form at the simple click of a button, and save it on the worksheet as a separate tab, so you can keep track of all your forms in one place! And it gets even better – you can also save the form as a PDF at the click of a button as well, so it is ready to send to the Engineer and Owner.

And to top it off, because all forms are self populated from the information you enter in the Log, your Log will stay full and up to date, without any additional effort. Having an up to date log is critical, as it ensures everyone has the latest information on critical changes that are made throughout the project.



Our Request for Information Log Automatically determines:

  • Status of RFI – Open/Closed
  • Review Days – Quantity of Days it Took to Receive Response
  • Number of Open RFI’s
  • Average Days RFI’s are Open

One Button Click Functions:

  • Generate your RFI Form with information automatically populated from the RFI Log
  • Save RFI Form as an individual PDF file
  • Save a Copy of your RFI Form
  • Open your RFI Form as an individual Excel File

Allows filters to show only:

  • Open RFI’s
  • RFI’s with incurred cost
  • Critical RFI’s
  • Added Cost
  • Critical RFI’s
  • Arrange by Date Sent/Received

Information self populated in the RFI Form:

  • To/From information
  • RFI Number
  • Date
  • Project Name
  • Project Number
  • Project Manager
  • RFI Title
  • Specification Section
  • Critical (Y/N)
  • Cost Added (Y/N)
  • Submitted By (Company)

RFI Log Template

Step up your RFI Log productivity with our advanced and easy to use excel template. This RFI template will perform countless tasks for you, ensuring that you are up to date on one of the most critical templates used in the construction industry.

Get this and more templates through the package below!

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