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Submittal Form Free


Download the Free Submittal Form Template for Excel – simple and ready to use!

This form is easy to fill out and will have you ready to submit to the engineer within minutes!


If you are looking for an unlocked or premium version take a look at the Premium Submittal Form and Submittal Log.


Download our free Submittal Form Template for Excel Today and start sending submittals right away!

This template is designed to be simple and straightforward, so you can enter your information quickly and save the file in the Excel or PDF format to submit.

The submittal form is used in the construction industry to send in the required submittals per the project specification. These can include material choice submittals, product specifications, physical samples, schedules, pay application, SOV, startup procedures and much more.

Submittals are mainly reviewed by the project engineer when they have design and safety parameters that they have to meet. Some submittals, such as color samples are commonly reviewed by the owner.

If you are looking for a powerful solution to create your Submittal Form and Log all in one place, see our Submittal Log Pro template.



The Submittal Form includes the following sections:

  • Submittal Number
  • Date Issues
  • Date Needed By
  • Project Name
  • Project Number
  • Submittal Form Summary
  • Attachments of Documents
  • Submitted By (Contact Info)
  • Submitted To (Contact Info)

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