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This feature paked Construction Timesheet will cut many wasted hours and reduce costly errors in your payroll!

The template allows you to enter the Employee Number, Employee Name, Hours (Lunch, Start Time, Stop Time, Total Hours, Regular Hours and Overtime Hours) and the Cost Code (aslo known as activity code).

The timesheet will self populate the Total Hours Per Employee & Per Day, Number of Workers, and will let you know if there are any errors in your Cost Coded hours!

*An additional feature on the second page of this spreadsheet will total all of your hours per cost code for you, so you don’t have to manually total up the hours!

Timesheet Template


Automatically determines:

  • Total Hours Per Employee
  • Total Hours Per Cost Code Daily
  • Eliminate errors and save time through this fully automated Time Sheet!
  • Errors in Coding Time
  • Total Hours Worked Daily
  • Total Number of Workers Daily
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